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CW Partners specializes in recruiting and placing the top professionals to meet the needs of our Fortune 500 and privately-held operating companies, private equity, family office, investment banking, corporate banking, and hedge fund clients working across all industry sectors worldwide.



Our firm recruits financial executives on retainer-based and contingency searches.  Our clients include some of the world’s most prestigious and reputable Fortune 500, private equity backed portfolio companies, private equity firms, family offices, investment banks, hedge funds, and corporate banking institutions.  We place professionals at all levels from analysts to managing directors, CEOs, operating partners, and board members.



We focus on placing professionals at all levels from analysts to managing directors and principals, with all of our clients covering several different industries and specialty groups. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to aggressively recruiting top performers from within various worldwide operating companies as well as financial and banking institutions.


Due to the personal and confidential nature in which we conduct our searches, we have established a deep and broad network of talented individuals within the marketplace. By leveraging our existing network and through a constant flow of referrals, we are able to find the best candidates that come with a seal of approval from their colleagues within the industry.


In addition, CW Partners continually conducts industry research in order to find and target new candidates to add to our expanding candidate database.

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We are dedicated to understanding the needs and the corporate culture of each of our clients. Once we have a firm grasp of our client’s requirements, we then look to our existing and constantly growing pool of candidates to determine which candidate would best fit both the tangible and intangible goals of our client to ensure long-term compatibility. After we have identified the most qualified individuals, we then begin the interviewing process.

Prior to the first interview, the candidate has a detailed interview preparation meeting with his/her recruiter in order to ensure that the candidate is going to perform to the best of the candidate’s ability and meet the goals of our client.


Throughout the interview process, we continually provide constant feedback to both the client and candidate to ensure that we are making the search as efficient as possible. By meeting the expectations of both the client and candidate, once the negotiation phase has been reached, we have been able to maintain a 95% acceptance rate resulting in a smooth and professional transition.


After the candidate has been placed with our client, we regularly follow-up with both the client and candidate to guarantee that we are meeting both of their needs.